Pharma AI summit


19 — 20 September, 2019 London

The event has already occured.

Key facts

Date: 19 — 20 September, 2019

Place: London

Conference Overview

Artificial intelligence promises vast opportunities for economic and societal benefits in the pharmaceutical industry. This conference provides a comprehensive view of the role that AI plays, the key challenges and opportunities, as well as the strategic perspective on industry change. In times of disruptive innovation, success is based on a company’s ability to adapt, innovate and collaborate. This event therefore serves as a platform that fosters industry relationships, providing the opportunity for the development of innovative business solutions.

Key topics

• Understanding the role of artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry

• Showcasing the Utility of AI in early stages of R&D to Prove This Disruptive Technology’s Validity

• Introduction to AI applied to chemistry

• How a combination of artificial intelligence, physics, and chemistry is accelerating drug discovery: a case study

• AI and the clinical trial design and optimisation opportunities

• Predicting clinical trial results using deep learning and electronic health records

• AI as a journey, not a destination: a learning process

• Increasing Diversity in Peptide Discovery Using Artificial Intelligence

• Adjusting pharmaceutical business models to incorporate AI technologies

• AI in Pharma and Drug Discovery Industry Landscape Networks and New Chemical Entities: Application of Network-driven Drug Discovery (NDD) in Lead Generation

• Drug discovery, strategic thinking and the Centaur Chemist

• Modernising the data platform and innovation

• AI linked with IoT enable “smart” Digital assistants opening new possibilities for Drug Development

Who should attend

Medical doctors| Research scientists | Data-scientists | CEOs| CTOs| Managers| Directors |Department Heads |Biomedical |Research Engineers specializing in pharmaceutical:

•     Data-science
•     Artificial Intelligence
•     Machine-learning
•     Drug discovery and development
•     Deep-learning
•     Predictive analytics
•     Data-analytics
•     Pre-clinical trials
•     Clinical trials
•     Research & Development
•     Medical imaging
•     Bio-technology
•     Bio-informatics
•     Clinical innovation
•     Scientific computing
•     Drug design
•     Computational screening

Event Speakers

Yide Alan Jiang

Chief Strategy Officer


Don Van Dyke

Chief Operating Officer

Cloud Pharmaceuticals

Willem Van Hoorn

Chief Decision Scientist


Qi Tang

Associate Director of Digital and Data Sciences


Pingping NI

Biometrics Team Leader, Oncology


Steve Gardner


Row Analytics

Isabelle de Zegher


b!loba BV

Raymond Hounon

Data & Artificial Intelligence Business Manager


Dr. Sree Vadlamudi

Senior Manager of Business Development and Alliance Management


Nicolas Do Huu & Quentin Perron

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Co- Founder and Chief Strategy Office


Dmitry Kaminskiy

General Partner

Deep Knowledge Ventures

Murat Tunaboylu

Co-Founder, Director


Ketan Patel

Product Director- Portfolio, Licensing and Clinical

Clarivate Analytics

Alessandro Forlin

Worldwide Associate Brand Director


Event location

The Conference will be taking place at Danubius Hotel Regents Park

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