Pharma Packaging and Labelling Innovation Summit

11 — 12 June, 2020 Prague

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Key facts

Date: 11 — 12 June, 2020

Place: Prague

Conference Overview

Nowadays, value creation within power utilities is becoming more difficult: overcoming market participation barriers, changes of regulations, use of renewable energy or storage issues raise the question of better control of energy usage, capacity management or more efficient ways of consumer engagement. Ancillary Services and Demand Response Market participants are looking for methods to design successful energy markets and get the best value out of them.

Value drivers are greatly based on the market and the environment. That is why increased need for flexibility and balancing markets are becoming major issues to stakeholders. There is a lot of value that can be generated in playing the frequency in Ancillary Market arena. The benefits are enormous: increased overall stability of the network, overall efficiency of markets and improved customer value proposition.

Maintenance of balanced system is always challenging, but smart methods to optimize Ancillary Services helps to avoid unexpected changes or energy flows. Improved reliability and increased efficiency can easily be reached if Ancillary Services and Demand Response Market players choose to improve the market through international cooperation.

Key topics

  • Explore the changes in the European Electricity Market
  • Discovering best methods to cope with limited number of hours with high load
  • Creating the potential and value of DSR in Intra-Day and Day Ahead timeframes
  • Effective use of technology for wide-scale storage applications
  • The ways to reduce the total cost of the system
  • Examining system adequacy and security of supply concerns
  • Overcome the need for scarcity pricing as the driver for Demand Response
  • Examining he ways of the transfer of energy and the ownership of the flexibility
  • Understanding exposure to a price signal with smart meter
  • Discover the prospects for regionalization of electricity markets

Who should attend

Vice-Presidents, General Managers, Directors, Heads, Managers of:

  • Ancillary Service
  • Energy Management
  • Demand Response
  • Transmission
  • Power Operators
  • Market Design and Management

Event Speakers

Andreas Flamm

Director of Corporate Function


Jessica Stromback


Joule Assets

Joseph Negreira

Project Manager

Smart Innovation Norway

Marc Crawels

VP Utilities Sales

RE | Store

John Doe


Example Company

Anna Example

Marketing Manager


Companies attending the conference

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