January 11th–12th, 2018

Conference Overview

Renewables has many advantages but they also have substantial limitations and drawbacks. As the self-consumption rapidly increases, small storage will be installed on distribution grids, creating pressure on TSOs and potentially increasing the prices for consumers buying electricity from the grid.
Other challenges, such as troubling transmission congestion, locational price spikes, dependability of maintaining system or efficiency of market – these all creates uncertainties in the energy industry.

It becomes important to address remaining major distortions to efficient cross-border trade and what needs to be done about them. Different approaches to network charges, congestion management, balancing, caps on spot prices has to be analyzed at various levels.

Future demands will change the requirements of Cross-Border Trading and Balancing. Long-term trends relating to the prosumer, electrification of vehicles, electrification of heat demand and introduction of smart meters which will affect what we want from the wholesale markets will relate to current and challenges in the energy power market.

Key Topics

Cross-Border markets across the market timeframes
Overview of new projects and its impact on flexibility
Examine the ways for faster market access
What are the innovations in balancing and flexibility?
Hear about legal developments in electrical energy field
Analysis of optimal bidding zone design
Discuss about harmonization of national rules
The optimality and harmonization of bidding zones
Outcomes of system vulnerability and lack of return on investment
Readiness for digitalization of the power system
Examine flow-based capacity calculation methodology for day-ahead trading in the CWE
Analyse the ways to ensure frequency quality of the transmission system
Overview of changes in the regulatory framework of electricity markets
Overcome challenges for harmonization and integration

Who Should Be Attending

VPs, General Managers, Directors, Heads, Managers of:
Ancillary Services
Nominated electricity market operators
Energy suppliers
Cross Border Trade Development
Energy Management
Grid Access and Development
Power Operators
Origination Continental Power
System Development advisor
Electricity Network and Market TF
Trading and Portfolio optimization

Target Audience

Transmission System Operators (TSOs)
Independent System Operators (ISOs)
Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs)
Electricity Producers
Power Trading Companies
Power Exchanges
Consultancies, Solution Provider companies and Cable Companies

Media Partners

What Our Clients Say About Previous Annual Energy Cross-Border Trading and Balancing Market Forum

Danske Commodities

Very good speakers and conference content! In general it was a well organized conference

Trading Analyst


The topics were up to date and relevant. Made new business contacts from the conference

Senior Research Analyst


I am happy I attended. Surpassed my imagination

Head of Renewables & Disclosure

MVM Partner

Nice framework and good networking

Senior Expert


Good conference topic



Positive and useful. Beyond expectation

Executive Director

Meas Energy

Very professional and well organized

Senior Trade


Good content and speakers

Board Memeber


Knowledgeable speakers and a well organized event

Director of Trading


Very good conference

Manager Regulatory Affairs

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Event Schedule
Event Speakers
Day 1 :
8:30 Registration and Morning Coffee
9:00 Opening Address from the Chair
9:10 Opening Keynote: Digital information exchange platform referred to as a Common Grid Model and Operational Planning Data environment
9:40 Keynote: Energy market integration
10:10 Morning Coffee Break
10:40 Case Study: Market design needs/adaptations in the market
11:20 Case Study: Network codes: an industry view on challenges and perspectives
12:00 Case Study: Regional co-operation driving innovative services for the changing grid ows: the future of RSCs versus ROCs
12:40 Lunch Break
13:40 Case Study: What choices are needed for the design of European balancing platforms?
14:20 Case Study: Price fluctuations and the need for common legislation
15:00 Afternoon Coffee Break
15:30 Case Study: Nordic market design: how to improve the world‘s rst most e ective cross-border market?
16:10 Case Study: Updates from TSO perspective on four markets of the Baltic region
16:50 Discussion: How further integration of renewable energy will a ect Intra-day and Day-ahead markets, and what methods will be considered as the main ones when balancing uctuating renewable energy?
17:30 Closing Remarks from the Chair and End of Day One
18:00 Evening Drinks Reception
Day 2 :
  • Director of Market Design | Poyry
    Stephen Woodhouse is Pöyry’s Director, responsible for digital transformation across the engineering and consulting group. Stephen has twenty years’ experience in the energy business, specialising in the changing energy markets and the strategic response of commercial players. He led Pöyry\'s global work on energy market design for many years, and is internationally recognised as an expert in energy market reform. He contributes to the global and EU debates on appropriate market designs for decarbonisation, flexibility, capacity, and network access. Stephen has led national programmes for market reform on several occasions, and has worked on electricity markets in around 30 countries. Before joining Pöyry in 1999, he worked as an economic modeller for the UK electricity regulator Ofgem, working on market design, and previously as a transport consultant working on global aviation emissions modelling and high-speed rail projects. Stephen has an MA in Economics from the University of Cambridge. He is an inspirational conference speaker and has published numerous papers on electricity market design.
  • General Secretary | ENTSO-E
  • Secretary General | EDSO
  • Head of Product Design | Epex spot
  • Head of Regulation & Market Design | global Energy Management EngiE
  • Member of the Board | ACER
  • Energy Market Development | 50Hertz
  • Senior Legal Advisor / Ofgem
  • Member of the management board | AUGSTSPRIEGUMA TĪKLS (AST)
    Mr. Gatis Junghans has 15 years experience in power industry. Currently Mr Junghans is a Member of the Management Board at Latvian transmission system operator AS \"Augstsprieguma tikls\" and is responsible for system operation and markets. Previously, Mr Junghans had held different positions in electricity production, retail and distribution grid companies in the Baltic region. Mr Junghans holds PhD in power engineering and MBA degree. 
  • Head of Advisor Market Policies & Regulatory Affairs | Statkraft
  • Professor of Decision Sciences, Management Science and Operations | London Business School
    Derek is a Professor at London Business School. He is the author of over 200 research papers and 10 books in the areas of forecasting, decision technology and energy economics. He is a former Editor-in-chief of Energy Economics, the Founding Editor of the Journal of Energy Markets and has been Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Forecasting for many years. He has worked with the electricity sector for over 35 years, advising many organisations including the House of Commons, and providing expert witness evidence in legal disputes. He is currently chairman of the UK Government\'s panel for the capacity market and an independent board member of the Balancing and Settlements Code.
  • Principal Consultant | E-Bridge
    Dr. Pieter Schavemaker, Managing Director of E-Bridge Consulting B.V., has worked in the energy sector for more than 20 years. Pieter has a varied experience as assistant professor at the Delft University of Technology, with a large manufacturer of power system equipment (ABB), with a Transmission System Operator (Tennet TSO), and as a consultant. During the past years, Pieter was heavily involved in the international work on the boundary between system operations and the electricity market. Pieter is one of the founding fathers of the CWE Flow-based Market Coupling that is currently in operation. Pieter holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Power Systems from Delft University of Technology, received his Didactic Qualification for University Education from Delft University of Technology, and is a certified PRINCE2® Practitioner. Pieter Schavemaker is author of the book ‘Electrical Power System Essentials’, published by Wiley.
  • Head of Belgian Market Model | Elia
  • Senior Advisor Regulatory Affairs | Alliander
  • Vice President | FTI Compass Lexecon
    Dr. Dmitri Perekhodtsev is a Vice President at FTI Compass Lexecon. His professional practice focuses on economic aspects of regulation and competition cases in the European Energy Sector. Dmitri has advised European national regulators, power exchanges, TSOs, and major energy companies on issues related to analyses of competitiveness and abuse of market power in the wholesale electricity markets, development of efficient design of electricity markets, including electricity balancing markets and markets for transmission congestion, developing models of cross-border capacity allocation in the context of electricity markets integration initiatives in the Continental Europe, monitoring of electricity markets and developing regulatory incentive mechanisms for transmission development.
  • Vice President | Charles River Associates
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