4th Annual Capacity Mechanisms Forum

4th Annual Capacity Mechanisms Forum

Prague, Czech Republic

Thursday 12th – Friday 13th March 2020

In order to maintain a high level of security of supply, capacity mechanisms are proposed as a measure to ensure the desired supply level by encouraging investments from both supply and demand side.

Since more renewables are integrated into the grid, closer regional and European integration must grow at the same level as Renewable energy. Reality shows that renewables are growing faster and there is still the need for better investment in grid infrastructure. Since only 5 percent of EU investment can cover the needs, companies have to find smart methods in order to ensure stable growth of the grid.

A number of EU Member States have voiced concerns that electricity supplies may be unable to meet demand as a result of insufficient investment and due to market uncertainties and regulatory interventions. On this stage Capacity Mechanisms are chosen as additional tool to reduce the investment gap, support market and solve an issue of „missing money“.

If properly designed, Capacity Mechanisms will help to solve distortion of competition, deliver energy security and guarantee such stable delivery for the future. Capacity Mechanisms can help companies to adapt to new market reality and improve return on their investment.

This year, our conference will have a good mix of TSO’s representatives, energy regulators, consulting companies, etc. 

Our speakers will reveal the updates and future challenges on the Capacity Market and the block of regional case studies will help you to learn more about different capacity mechanisms and its implementation.

Attendees will have the opportunity of networking with experts in the field while learning and sharing analytical views of the topic address the main changes and regulatory recommendations for capacity mechanism with Industry leaders, transmission system operators, representatives of DSOs, professionals from governments and researchers.

Key Practical topics of the Summit:

  • The latest developments on capacity mechanisms from a European perspective
  • European Resource Adequacy Assessment: Towards the Implementation of the Clean Energy Package
  • Evolution of the French capacity mechanisms
  • Evolution of CRMs in the US
  • Developing common rules for cross border participation
  • Adapting strategic reserves to the requirements in the Electricity Regulation
  • Overview of recent capacity auction results
  • Evolution and Status on the Portuguese CRM within the Iberian Markets
  • Updates on the Danish electricity Market
  • Status on the Belgian CRM with a focus on the least-cost design approach followed
  • Great Britain’s Capacity Market: challenges & opportunities
  • Observations on the proposed Greek capacity mechanism

Who should Attend:

CEOs | CIOs| VPs | CTOs| Directors| Department Heads| Technical Analysts| Research Engineers |Specialists| Government officers specializing in:

  • Electricity capacity
  • Transmission Operations
  • Power plants marketing & business development
  • Power generation
  • Capacity & Demand Response
  • Renewable Energy Resources
  • Peak Load Control
  • Distributed Energy resources
  • Energy regulations
  • Energy storage
  • Smart Grids
  • Market Analysis and Products
  • Risk controlling/management

Target Audience?

  • Transmission System Operators (TSOs)
  • Independent System Operators (ISOs)
  • Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs)
  • Energy Power Regulators
  • Consultancies, Solution Provider companies
  • Power aggregators
  • Energy generators
  • Capacity building providers
  • Research Institutions
Event Schedule
Event Speakers
  • Vice President | FTI Compass Lexecon
    Dr. Dmitri Perekhodtsev is a Vice President at FTI Compass Lexecon. His professional practice focuses on economic aspects of regulation and competition cases in the European Energy Sector. Dmitri has advised European national regulators, power exchanges, TSOs, and major energy companies on issues related to analyses of competitiveness and abuse of market power in the wholesale electricity markets, development of efficient design of electricity markets, including electricity balancing markets and markets for transmission congestion, developing models of cross-border capacity allocation in the context of electricity markets integration initiatives in the Continental Europe, monitoring of electricity markets and developing regulatory incentive mechanisms for transmission development.
  • Head of Adequacy & Economic Studies | Elia
  • Head of Public and Regulatory Affairs | Axpo Italia
  • Head of Legal | ERSE / Legal Affairs Committee Member at Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER)
  • Senior Advisor | RAP - The Regulatory Assistance Project
  • Owner | ESP Consulting
  • Market Modelling and Adequacy Specialist | ENTSO-E
  • Member of the Board | ACER
  • Senior Policy Advisor UK Government’s Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
  • Vice President Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE)
  • Policy Advisor UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • Director NERA Economic Consulting
  • Head Of Capacity Market at RTE
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