5th Annual Ancillary Services and Demand Response Management

5th Annual Ancillary Services and Demand Response Management

June 11th–12th, 2020

Conference Overview

Nowadays, value creation within power utilities is becoming more difficult: overcoming market participation barriers, changes of regulations, use of renewable energy or storage issues raise the question of better control of energy usage, capacity management or more efficient ways of consumer engagement. Ancillary Services and Demand Response Market participants are looking for methods to design successful energy markets and get the best value out of them.

Value drivers are greatly based on the market and the environment. That is why increased need for flexibility and balancing markets are becoming major issues to stakeholders. There is a lot of value that can be generated in playing the frequency in Ancillary Market arena. The benefits are enormous: increased overall stability of the network, overall efficiency of markets and improved customer value proposition.

Maintenance of balanced system is always challenging, but smart methods to optimize Ancillary Services helps to avoid unexpected changes or energy flows. Improved reliability and increased efficiency can easily be reached if Ancillary Services and Demand Response Market players choose to improve the market through international cooperation.

Key Topics

  • Explore the changes in the European Electricity Market
  • Discovering best methods to cope with limited number of hours with high load
  • Creating the potential and value of DSR in Intra-Day and Day Ahead timeframes
  • Effective use of technology for wide-scale storage applications
  • The ways to reduce the total cost of the system
  • Examining system adequacy and security of supply concerns
  • Overcome the need for scarcity pricing as the driver for Demand Response
  • Examining he ways of the transfer of energy and the ownership of the flexibility
  • Understanding exposure to a price signal with smart meter
  • Discover the prospects for regionalization of electricity markets
  • Hear about the successful implementation of Ancillary Services Market in Austria and related International Cooperation
  • Overview of Project FutureFlow and Project Virtual Power plants for DSOs

Who Should Attend:

Vice-Presidents, General Managers, Directors, Heads, Managers of:

  • Ancillary Service
  • Energy Management
  • Demand Response
  • Transmission
  • Power Operators
  • Market Design and Management
  • Balancing
  • Network
  • Portfolio Management
  • Trading and Portfolio Optimization

Target Audience:

  • Transmission System Operators (TSOs)
  • Distribution System Operators (DSOs)
  • Utility Companies
  • Electricity Producers
  • Aggregator Companies
  • Power Trading Companies
  • Power Exchanges
  • Regulators
  • Consultancies, Solution Provider companies and Cable Companies

Why you need to attend:

This unique event presents the opportunity for delegates to gain the following:

  • Meet with senior representatives from the leading Energy providers, TSOs and DSOs
  • Network with delegations from the EU commission, ENTSO-E, Energy producers, TSOs, and DSOs
  • Attend the interactive roundtables and expert panel discussion to be a part of the lively discussions and debates
  • Identify INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES in the energy industry
  • Be a part of the sessions and find out more about current and future projects from the companies operating in the region

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Event Schedule
Event Speakers
  • Director of Corporate Function |Policy Chairman | Entelios
    Andreas Flamm is an experienced energy economist with a focus on power market design and regulation. He has successfully led international projects and teams in industry, consulting and the public sector. Andreas holds an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics, and a BA in Business Information Systems from the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Currently Andreas works as Director of Corporate Functions at Entelios. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC). Andreas strongly believes in demand response as a key enabling technology of a well-functioning power market.
  • Head of Market Operations | Swissgrid
    Bastian is Head of Market Operations at Swissgrid, the Swiss Transmission System Operator, and is responsible for the planning and procurement of ancillary services, the balance group management, capacity allocation & scheduling, and the operational planning. Swissgrid is an active member in several ancillary services cooperations such as the FCR-cooperation, IGCC, MARI, and TERRE. Bastian is a member of the EPEX SPOT Exchange Council that adopts the exchange rules and the code of conduct of EPEX SPOT
  • Chairman | Joule Assets
    As Chair of Joule Assets Europe, Stromback supports the creation of the European investment portfolios for energy efficiency and demand side management projects.  In this capacity, she acts as leader for eQuad an IT Platform dedicated to facilitating investment in demand side projects for a range of players, including SMEs. ​ Stromback is also co-founder and Board Member of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC). She works actively with European policy makers and industry representatives to enable demand side participation throughout European energy markets, through information, dynamic pricing, automation, and demand response.   Jessica speaks English, Swedish and French.
  • Project Manager | Smart Innovation Norway
    Joseph Negreira is a Telecommunication Engineer by the Ramon Llull University of Barcelona. He has long experience in Information and Communication technologies, both in operational implementation and deployment, and from an R&D perspective, complemented with competences in entrepreneurship development, business and innovation management. He has combined experience from his responsibilities and activities in the field of telecom’s applied business and research consultancy for private (services, telecom, industry) and the public sector (National, Regional and Local Public Administrations and Universities). At Smart Innovation Norway, Joseph holds the position as International Project Manager for the acquisition and management of EU Horizon 2020 projects and other international research and innovation projects
  • VP Utilities Sales | RE|Store
    Marc has a degree in Computer Science and a degree in Mathematics/Actuarial. He started building his career in the financial services industry and later on specialized in the energy and utilities space predominantly focussing on billing and meter data management solutions. At the same time, he has been involved in portfolio management, asset management and asset valorisation for the bigger worldwide utilities companies. He has an extensive background in deploying products for the energy and utilities industry.   Marc heeft zowel een diploma in de computer wetenschappen als in de wiskunde/actuariaats opleiding.  Hij is gestart met zijn carrière op te bouwen in de financiële dienstverlening en ging zich later specialiseren in de energie en utilities industrie met vooral focus op billing en meter data management oplossingen. Op hetzelfde moment is hij betrokkken geweest in portfolio management, asset management en asset valorisering voor de grotere energie spelers wereldwijd. Hij heeft een zeer uitgebreide achtergrond in het uitrollen van producten voor de energie en utilities wereld
  • Senior Manager | Ofgem
    Marcelo is Senior Manager in the Wholesale Markets & Commercial directorate of the British energy regulator, Ofgem. He has been heavily involved in the development and implementation of the European Network Codes on cross-border electricity trade. His experience and focus are on market structures that enable fair valuation of flexibility in the energy system. Before joining Ofgem, Marcelo worked as Regulatory Affairs Advisor with Smart Energy Europe (SmartEn) in Brussels, where he was responsible for policy-oriented representation on behalf of demand-side response market actors. He has led research and policy projects on market design that enables demand-side response participation, on the role of demand-side flexibility at the DSO level, as well as on arrangements between independent aggregators and suppliers. Marcelo holds an MSc in Environmental Economics from the University of Edinburgh.
  • Market Analysis Manager | National Grid
    Mayoma is an accomplished energy professional with broad analytical and commercial skills gained from engineering, commercial and external affairs roles. Mayoma has knowledge and experience in GB and EU energy markets, energy networks and sustainability. Between 2007 and 2011, Mayoma worked in National Grid’s corporate affairs team developing strategies for managing non-financial risks and opportunities in the UK and US businesses. Areas covered include climate change policy, sustainability, emissions reduction plans, human rights and community development. This was followed by a period (2011-2014) with the GB electricity system operator. As part of the multidisciplinary - market operations - team responsible for optimising energy reserve services and designing future system services. Analysis involved balancing the need for network capacity, uncertainty around renewables production and demand, and procuring efficient flexibility services through tenders or balancing/intraday markets. Mayoma is currently part of the Market Fundamentals team within Corporate Strategy responsible for electricity market revenue studies across all business units. Her primary areas of responsibility include margin and adequacy outlooks in GB and Europe, market design outlooks, flexibility markets and developments in demand side response. Mayoma has a degree in mechanical engineering from Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology in Ghana. And an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from Cambridge University, UK.
  • Head of Market Regulation | Terna
    Simona Ciancio has been working for Terna since 2009. Currently she is the head of the Market Regulation team. Her team is focused on electricity market design and monitoring and has regular contacts with institutional stakeholders regarding market regulation. Until 2009 Simona worked for the Italian Power Exchange where she was actively involved in the design of the Day Ahead and the Forward Markets and in the definition of respective market rules. Prior to joining the Italian power exchange she spent two years in an Italian bank performing risk management activities.
  • Director Regulatory Manager, Lead Business Developer | Ørsted
    Thomas Kudela is a senior regulatory manager in the Nordic, Great British, German and EU power markets with special focus on aggregators and flexibility. He is the Regulatory Manager of Ørsted Flexibility Solutions Programme and responsible for the development of market intelligence in Ørsted Distribution and Customer Solutions. In this context, his major tasks are strategic development, regulatory impact assessment, as well as business solution design. Further, he supports Ørsted Sales’ commercial development in Great Britain, Germany and Denmark and participates in relevant regulatory market design initiatives. Thomas has contributed to numerous projects in the field of Smart Energy.
  • Head of Ancillary Services | Elia
  • CEO | GridBeyond
    Michael has over 22 years management experience in sales, marketing and product development in electronic and software companies targeting the energy sector. Prior to joining GridBeyond formerly Endeco Technologies, Michael held positions at Philips, Microsol, PCAS and Duolog in automation and electronics. He was responsible for developing European, Asian and American markets and OEMs such as Invensys, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Alstom. In addition, he has facilitated several successful exits. Michael is a graduate of University College Dublin where he obtained an MBA in Business Administration, Management and Operations.
  • Director, Strategic Business Development | Energi Denmark A/S
    Thomas Elgaard Jensen has worked in the energy industry for more than 16 years in various positions. As Energy Trader, Head of Department of Modelling and Analysis, Director of an Energy Hedge Fund and Senior Economist for the Danish TSO (main task was making ancillary services market based and exchangeable – at Danish, Nordic and European level).  In his current job, Director, Strategic Business Development, at Energi Danmark, he is responsible for strategic business development, M&A, regulatory affairs and R&D projects.
  • Senior Analysis | Delta
    Philippa leads Delta-ee’s Flexibility Research Service, which provides data, insight and analysis into demand side flexibility. The Flexibility Service provides research on European markets, customers, industry stakeholders and technologies. This research helps Delta-ee clients to identify new opportunities and partnerships, learn about new markets and competitors, and understand the impact of key trends and hot topics. Philippa also supports the consultancy side of the business on Flexibility projects, which typically help aggregators, energy suppliers, policy makers and technology companies on a bespoke basis to explore new opportunities and create new strategies. Philippa has been with Delta-ee for over 4 years and holds a PhD in Engineering.
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