Energy Transition and Decabonisation Forum

Energy Transition and Decabonisation Forum

Berlin, Germany
October 1st–2nd, 2020

Conference Overview

The world has made the transition from one major form of energy to another several times – from animal power and biomass to burning coal, and then to the increasing use of oil and gas. The replacement of those fuels with renewables marks the next historic shift. 

The EU has committed to a zero-carbon economy and a clean energy transition by 2050.

However, natural gas is still a fundamental for the EU energy sector, as it provides benefits which can’t currently be provided by renewable electricity. 

How can we open the door to a decarbonised future? Electrification has to be the key development to meet the Decabonisation targets. The energy transition will be enabled by information technology, smart technology, policy frameworks and market instruments.

Industrial companies must prepare for decabonisation by conducting a detailed review of all their capacities, resources, facilities and by looking at the availability of low-cost electricity, hydrogen, biomass, and carbon-storage capacity.

Our attendees will learn how to reduce fossil fuel consumption worldwide by improving end-use efficiency, conversion efficiency and by introducing renewable resources. How sector coupling can improve the efficiency and flexibility of the energy system, its reliability and adequacy as well as reduce the costs of decabonisation. Why Power-to-X is the carbon-neutral energy storage and sector coupling technology of the future.

Our speakers will reveal the key challenges and updates on the energy transition opportunities while networking with experts in the field.

Key topics:

  • Market design of a decarbonised electricity sector
  • How the COVID-19 crisis has changed the energy outlook and the decabonisation pathways?
  • COVID-19 effects on energy markets and investments decisions under uncertainty
  • The future of EU ETS – the European CO2 emission trading program. What will be its role in decarbonising power sector? How to make it more efficient?
  • Future of demand response and smart grids
  • Local flexibility platforms for electricity
  • Virtual energy community as a catalyst to faster energy transition and increased DER growth
  • Projection of European and World Energy Demand and how to secure the EU’s Energy and fuel supply
  • Renewable and decarbonised gases: what role and which perspectives?
  • What are the requirements to ensure optimal interactions and synergies between power and gas systems, from both a power-to-gas and gas-to-power perspectives?

Who Should Attend:

CEOs | CIOs|VPs | CTOs| Directors|Department Heads|Technical Analysts|Research Engineers |Specialists| Government officers specializing in:

  • Electric transmission
  • Consulting
  • Energy Storage
  • Project Developer Sector Coupling
  • Industrial Inspection and Corrosion Management
  • Commercial Development
  • Energy Trading Department
  • Partnerships and Business Innovation
  • EU Energy Policy
  • Energy & Climate
  • Gas Market Development
  • Energy Transition and Infrastructure Development
  • Low Carbon Systems and Technologies
  • Energy & Power Infrastructure
  • Midstream Gas and Energy Management

Target Audience:

  • Transmission System Operators (TSOs)
  • Independent System Operators (ISOs)
  • Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs)
  • Energy Power Regulators
  • Consultancies, Solution Provider companies
  • Power aggregators
  • Energy generators
  • Capacity building providers
  • Research Institutions
  • Government / Regulators
  • Grid Operators
  • Energy Consumers
  • Oil & Companies
  • Utilities Companies

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Event Schedule
Event Speakers
  • Vice President | FTI Compass Lexecon
    Dr. Dmitri Perekhodtsev is a Vice President at FTI Compass Lexecon. His professional practice focuses on economic aspects of regulation and competition cases in the European Energy Sector. Dmitri has advised European national regulators, power exchanges, TSOs, and major energy companies on issues related to analyses of competitiveness and abuse of market power in the wholesale electricity markets, development of efficient design of electricity markets, including electricity balancing markets and markets for transmission congestion, developing models of cross-border capacity allocation in the context of electricity markets integration initiatives in the Continental Europe, monitoring of electricity markets and developing regulatory incentive mechanisms for transmission development.
  • Vice President, Solutions (EMEA) | Energy Exemplar
    Dr. Papadopoulos has 30+ years full Research & Academic experience accompanied with a related multiyear Industrial and Business Development experience in the wider Energy Technologies & Energy Markets Sectors and in particular in the fields of Oil, Natural Gas, Alternative Fuels, Thermo-Fluids & Power: -Technology Management & Economics -Applied Engineering and Financial Mathematics & Computing -Operational Research -Fundamental & Legal Metrology -Measurements\\\' Management (Smart/Intelligent/Complex) -Demand Forecasting -Supply Chains & Physical/Financial Assets & Portfolios Valuation, Optimisation & Hedging -Corporates\\\' Uncertainty/Risk Analysis, Modeling and Data Quality Management Expert He currently Leads the Solution Team across the EMEA region to support the end to end process from presales, sales through to training and implementation of customer focused product solutions, as well as New Businesses, innovation in New products and New services development and execution for the region, managing key customer relationships and participating in the closure of strategic opportunities.
  • Expert in European Market Integration at Elia
  • Deputy director for European Affairs, head of the Brussels office at EDF
  • Head of New Business at Caruna
  • Head of Public Affairs at Enel
  • Head of Gas Asset Regulation & Analysis at ENGIE
  • Director of the Energy and Environmental Policy laboratory at University of Piraeus
  • Power Sector Transformation Strategies at International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) 
  • Senior Berlin Representative at TransnetBW GmbH
  • Member of EC Business Advisory Group for implementation of Polish nuclear programme at European Commission 
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