March 8th–9th, 2018

Conference overview

Due to evolving technology and accelerated growth in research and development activities, cloud computing and IT business technology have increased rapidly. Over the past decades, cloud computing has had profound impact in Life Sciences industry by bringing efficiencies, allowing enterprise-wide agility, and boosting patient outcomes. Cloud computing solutions has reshaped promotional strategies of various Life Science companies and transformed modes of interactions with physicians.

As Life Science sector is currently improving and accelerating its correlation with IT, the Life Sciences Cloud Coalition have moved to the cloud computing and working with their patient through it.

Global Cloud Computing in Life Science Market is expected to expand at a rapid pace during the period of 2015 – 2023 due to the increasing use of cloud computing in Life Science research and development.

This event will serve as a business networking platform as well as a scientific examination of the advantages and disadvantages in implementing IT modernization and cloud computing.

Key Topics

–        The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in data privacy regulation
–        Data Security and Privacy Global Outlook
–        Patient 4.0: Why the Generation of Digital Natives are a Blessing and a Curse
–        Benchmark your IT approach to transformation
–        Scalability and Flexibility of Cloud Computing
–        Tracking the Hacking: How to Defeat the Hack Attacks
–        IT Infrastructure Modernisation in Pharma and Real-World Implementations
–        Digital and Mobile Technologies in Patient Engagement
–        Cloudy2020:CloudyOpportunitiesvs.ChallengesintheFuture
–        Learn how to facilitate your business in emerging markets
–        Examine aggregation and analysis of data from multiple external sources

Target Audience

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Cloud Content Solution/Software Providers
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Medical Technology companies
  • Research Centers
  • Physicians

 Primary Job Titles

Chiefs, VPs, Head, Directors, Managers, Analysts, Researchers of:

  • Information Technology
  • IT Transformation
  • Business Transformation
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Content
  • Collaborative Strategies
  • Innovation Technologies
  • R&D IT

Secondary Job Titles

  • Business Development Director/Manager
  • Marketing Director/Manager
  • Customer Service Director

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Event Schedule
Event Speakers
Day 1 :
8:30 Registration and Morning Coffee
9:00 Opening Address from the Chairman Michel Drescher, University of Oxford and Cloud Consult Ltd.
9:10 Opening Keynote | Structural biology in clouds: A success story of 10 years
9:50 Keynote: Introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation
10:30 Morning Coffee Break
11:00 Case Study: Factors Driving Use of Cloud Computing in Life Science
11:40 Case Study: Developing Data Management Strategies for Life Science Companies
12:20 Lunch Break
13:20 S Risk Aversion towards Computerized Systems Compliance in Life Science
14:00 Brainstorming Session | Will Cloud Services that drive business efficiency lead the way in cloud adoption?
14:40 Case Study | Be a GxP Digital Transformation Hero
15:20 Afternoon Coffee Break
16:00 S Data security and privacy in the cloud: issues and directions
16:40 Outside-the-box Debate: Is Ransomware a big deal? Can cloud computing provide the needed protection?
17:20 Closing Remarks From The Chair And End Of Day One
Day 2 :
  • Cloud Computing Standards Specialist | University of Oxford and Founder & Managing Director at Cloud Consult Ltd.
  • Lawyer | ICT Legal Consulting
  • CIO | CTO. Digital, Transformation, DevOps, Cloud, Analytics | Bakari
  • Scientific Data Architect | Accenture, the USA
  • Professor in Informatics | Linkoping University and Jonkoping University, International Business School
  • Professor of data protection, security, and privacy | Università degli Studi di Milano
  • Sr. Manager, Cloud and Automation | Amgen
  • Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Manager | Roche Diabetes
  • Security Research Manager | Verint
  • Research Director, Life Sciences | IDC Health Insights
  • Managing Consultant | JAF Consulting, Inc.
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