Pharma AI summit 2019

Pharma AI summit 2019

London, UK
September 19th–20th, 2019

September 19th–20th, 2019


Artificial intelligence promises vast opportunities for economic and societal benefits in the pharmaceutical industry. This conference provides a comprehensive view of the role that AI plays, the key challenges and opportunities, as well as the strategic perspective on industry change. In times of disruptive innovation, success is based on a company’s ability to adapt, innovate and collaborate. This event therefore serves as a platform that fosters industry relationships, providing the opportunity for the development of innovative business solutions.

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

•     Understanding the role of artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry
•     The current state of AI technologies
•     Challenges and issues for implementing AI systems
•     Establishing evaluation standards and benchmarks
•     Adjusting pharmaceutical business models to incorporate AI technologies
•     New industry entrants: possibilities for strategic collaborations, partnerships, and alliances
•     Opportunities for R&D: time and cost efficiency, process optimization
•     Refining the drug discovery and development process
•     Lead optimization
•     Data integrity, governance and control
•     What’s next for computer assisted interventions and medical imaging analysis?
•     Proactive frameworks for predictive analysis
•     Risk management models and risk minimization
•     Business-Academia partnerships
•     Utilizing Big-data to enable AI capabilities

Who Should Attend:

Medical doctors| Research scientists | Data-scientists | CEOs| CTOs| Managers| Directors |Department Heads |Biomedical |Research Engineers specializing in pharmaceutical:

•     Data-science
•     Artificial Intelligence
•     Machine-learning
•     Drug discovery and development
•     Deep-learning
•     Predictive analytics
•     Data-analytics
•     Pre-clinical trials
•     Clinical trials
•     Research & Development
•     Medical imaging
•     Bio-technology
•     Bio-informatics
•     Clinical innovation
•     Scientific computing
•     Drug design
•     Computational screening

Target Audience:

•     Pharmaceutical companies
•     Health-care companies
•     Biomedical companies
•     Biotech companies
•     AI and Machine-learning companies
•     Data-analytics companies
•     Academia and research institutions
•     Hospitals

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Event Schedule
Event Speakers
Day 1 :
8:20 Registration and Welcome Coffee
8:50 Opening Address from the Chairperson
9:20 Case Study | Showcasing the Utility of AI in early stages of R&D to Prove This Disruptive Technology’s Validity
10:00 Case Study | Introduction to AI applied to chemistry
11:20 Case Study | AI as a journey, not a destination: a learning process
12:00 Study | AI and the clinical trial design and optimization opportunities
12:40 Business Lunch
13:50 Case Study | Predicting clinical trial results using deep learning and electronic health records
14:30 Case Study | Increasing Diversity in Peptide Discovery Using Artificial Intelligence
15:10 Afternoon Coffee and Networking Break
15:40 Case Study | Networks and New Chemical Entities: Application of Network-driven Drug Discovery (NDD) in Lead Generation
16:20 Case Study | Antiverse
17:00 Panel Discussion
17:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and End of DAY 1
Day 2 :
  • Chief Operating Officer | Cloud Pharmaceutical
  • Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer / Iktos
  • Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Office / Iktos
  • South America IT Data & Analytics Lead / Bayer
  • Director, Head of Statistics and Programming / Mundipharma Research Ltd
  • Associate Director of Clinical Data Analytics / Sanofi
  • Founder and Chief Technology Office / Pepticom
  • Business Development & Programme Manager / E-Therapeutics
  • Co-Founder, Director / Antiverse
  • ormer CIO at Purdue Pharma, current CEO at RxDataScience
    Larry A Pickett, Jr is co-founder and CEO of RxDataScience Inc., a data science company focused on healthcare and life sciences. He has 30 year’s experience in the pharmaceutical industry in IT in executive roles such as Chief Information Officer for companies such as Merck, GSK and Purdue Pharma. Larry earned his BA and MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Larry enjoys working with his clients to leverage data using AI and ML to improve business results in a predictive and reliable manner.
  • Chief Strategy Officer / XTalPi
  • Chief Decision Scientist / Exscientia
  • Product Director / Licensing and Clinical / Clarivate Analytics
    Ketan’s background spans 15 years of experience working in industry at Lilly, Pfizer, Oracle HSGBU and most recently at Astrazeneca. Over the years Ketan has led and worked on data science projects in the industry from early stage drug discovery through to clinical development, product launch and medical affairs. More recently he was a Health informatics Director working on Big Health data (claims, EHRs, digital, genomics etc.) for AZ to optimise clinical trials, product launch and postmarketing and life cycle management
  • General Partner / Deep Knowledge Ventures
  • Vice President, Integrated Solutions/ Paraxel
  • Worldwide Associate Brand Director / Novartis
    Alessandro is International marketing leader with over 13 years of successful strategic and operational pharmaceutical marketing career at Global, Region and Country level, working in different therapeutic areas for companies such as Lilly, Menarini and Novo Nordisk. More recently he joined Novartis Pharma AG at company headquarter in Basel with the role as WorldWide Associate Brand Director in the Rheumatology area and actively collaborating with the Digital Solutions Team. He is passionate about bringing AI solutions into pharma marketing and has a foresight view about how pharma marketing can evolve thanks to AI.
  • Data & Artificial Intelligence Business Manager / Microsoft
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