Pharma Packaging and Labelling Innovation Summit

Pharma Packaging and Labelling Innovation Summit

Prague, Czech Republic

Thursday 11th – Friday 12th June 2020

While the Pharma packaging sector continues to drive innovation in the global packaging industry with ground breaking ideas like Forensic counterfeit-proof feature for pharma labels, regulatory, budgetary and data compliance concerns have continued to rise and call for even better pathways that not only proffer compliant solutions but continue to improve patient adherence to drug regimens.

The role of packaging and effective labelling has transcended beyond an initial concept of basically providing guidance and gaining attraction on the counters. Industry players now, more than ever are left with almost no choice but to constantly innovate to keep up with the different demands and responsibilities arising from fast changing market demands, strict regulations and growing consumer lifestyles.

Packaging now demands conforming strictly to evolving regulatory structures and seamlessly transferring this information to consumers in friendly and interactive ways that not only ensure they trust these medications for its potency but also in ways that walk them through prescription adherence in a fun, easy to understand and interactive ways.

European manufactures, repackagers, wholesale distributors, dispensers and third party logistics providers were about a year ago put on their toes to align or even change their entire processes on a drive to reduce the proliferation of counterfeit drugs with mandated Serialization. While the 9 Feb.2019 deadline has been survived, the entire process posed new challenges, lessons and opportunities seeking to be explored.

The Pharma Packaging and Labelling Innovation summit would have industry leaders discuss fast changing labelling regulations and swift implementation on labeling circle, process efficiency with centralized labeling, real world issues and risks of connected devices in packaging, the trust question; being reliable, reputable and transparent in the market, post serialization; its challenges, lessons and emerging opportunities, balancing smart and intelligent packaging to improve safety, therapy and adherence amongst other interesting subjects.

Attendees will have the opportunity of networking with experts in the field while learning and sharing analytical views on the future of Pharma Packaging, best practices, and new innovation models to drive growth.

Key Practical topics of the Summit:

  • Balancing regulatory compliance and process efficiency with centralized labeling.
  • Post serialization; The challenges, lessons and emerging opportunities.
  • Balancing smart and intelligent packaging to improve safety, therapy and adherence for seniors,
  • Fast changing labelling regulations and the challenges of swift implementation on labeling circles. 
  • Real world issues and Risks of connected devices in Packaging. 
  • The Trust question : Being  reliable, reputable and transparent in the market.
  • Flattening the supply chain  and reaching consumers across the globe.
  • Extracting, Processing and Analyzing Manufacturing Data
  • …..More to be confirmed

Who should Attend:

Professionals involved in packaging decisions;  CEOs, CTOs, Directors, Department Heads, Managers, Production supervisors, Purchasers, Brand managers, Package designers, Product development professionals, Supply chain/logistics professionals and others seeking new ways to drive growth. 

Target Audience?

  • Transmission System Operators (TSOs)
  • Independent System Operators (ISOs)
  • Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs)
  • Energy Power Regulators
  • Consultancies, Solution Provider companies
  • Power aggregators
  • Energy generators
  • Capacity building providers
  • Research Institutions
Event Schedule
Day 2 :
8:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee
Individual Registration
Group Registration