Telematics Strategies and Vehicle Insurance Summit

Telematics Strategies and Vehicle Insurance Summit

May 14th–15th, 2020

As the world becomes more connected and digital through rapid technological development, it’s important to grasp an understanding of how these developments will result in disruptive innovation for the business world. While telematics technologies bring a vast number of opportunities, they also bring forward a number of large-scale changes to industry forces, demanding a change to traditional business models. This conference aims at understanding key industry changes and business model shifts, while further examining the types of corporate and business strategies necessary for taking advantage of telematics innovation, while not falling behind the disruption.

Key practical learning points of the summit

  • The growing importance of telematics in a connected and digital world
  • The current and future state of telematics technologies
  • An analysis of future market trends and changing value-chains
  • Connectivity technologies role in the maximization of operational efficiency and flexibility
  • Corporate strategy challenges: legal, environmental, social, technological, economical changes
  • Business strategy challenges: threats of new market entrants, changing bargaining power of suppliers and buyers
  • Proliferation of telematics technology due to decreasing sensor and connectivity cost
  • Why a technology shift demands for a business model shift
  • Adjusting to new stringent road laws
  • How the rising demand for smartphones complements the adoption of telematics solutions and services
  • An analysis of data’s pivotal role in telematics: aggregated data, data integrity, governance, and security
  • Increased communication, leading to security and privacy concern
  • Lack of a standardized system
  • How to leverage connectivity for the next phase of customer service
  • The necessity for strategic collaborations, partnerships, and alliances

Who should attend

CEOs | CTOs | Managers | Directors | Department Heads | Engineers specializing in:

  • Telematics
  • Fleet management
  • Logistics
  • Vehicle cyber-security
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Vehicle data and intelligence
  • Vehicle telecommunications infrastructure

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Event Schedule
Event Speakers
Day 1 :
8:50 Opening Address from the Chairperson
9:00 Speed Networking
9:20 Keynote presentation | From Zero to Data Science: Telematics in Transport
10:00 Case Study | Disruptive changes in the market
11:20 Case Study | Fleet strategies with the future of telematics
12:00 Case Study | AI and the clinical trial design and optimization opportunities
13:50 Case Study | Value proposition, data monetization, and the connected future with IoT
14:30 Case Study | How to shape telematics value proposition in low-premium countries
15:40 Case Study | Connectivity for automotive – opportunities and practical challenges
16:20 Case Study | Telematics development: market expansion and industry change
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