January 17th–18th, 2019

Cross-border trading and balancing is about building an internal energy market that allows countries to share their power resources and balance the increasing demands. Currently facing the developments and new technologies in renewable energy sources, storage mechanisms, and critical changes in the energy wholesale market regulations, market players need to step up, address the challenges and come up with solutions to the energy market’s harmonization and integration.

Thus, we would like to invite you to our 4thAnnual Cross-border trading and balancing. This event will be co-located with the 4thAncillary Services and Demand Response and the 3rdCapacity Mechanisms event on January 17-18th, 2019 in Berlin. The event facilitates greater networking and debate opportunities by engaging a joint session for three energy management events on the 1stday.

The event discusses the legal frameworks that benefit market attendants, provides an overview of the current energy balancing and trading market design with a set of performance criteria for evaluation, presents the updated process of renewable energy deployment and grid management to support the recent participation in the market of demand response and renewables. Furthermore, considering the development of a more secure energy transfer across borders, transmission capacity allocation and congestion management would be the key point to be mentioned at the conference.

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

·    New technology to enable cross-border trading
·     Changes in bidding zone design and application
·     Leverage competitions in the integrated balancing market
·     Discuss capacity allocation and congestion management
·     Updated market policies on energy cross-border trading
·     Regulatory initiatives towards renewables
·     Challenges and risks of developing cross-border electricity
·     Discuss benefits of cross-border participants
·     Brexit’s influence on European’s balance of energy

Who Should Attend:

CEOs | CIOs|VPs | CTOs| Directors|Department Heads|Technical Analysts|Research Engineers |Specialists| Government officers specializing in:

•     Electric transmission
•      Energy market development
•      Clean energy
•      Electricity balancing
•      Distributed energy resources
•      Transmission System Operations
•      Power Trading and exchange
•      Electricity production
•      Energy Economics
•      Power operations
•      New energy infrastructure
•      Renewable energy generation

Target Audience:

•     Transmission System Operators (TSOs)
•      Independent System Operators (ISOs)
•      Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs)
•      Electricity Producers
•      Power Trading Companies
•      Power Exchanges
•      Regulators
•      Consultancies, Solution Provider companies and Cable Companies

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Event Schedule
Event Speakers
  • Member of the management board | AUGSTSPRIEGUMA TĪKLS (AST)
    Mr. Gatis Junghans has 15 years experience in power industry. Currently Mr Junghans is a Member of the Management Board at Latvian transmission system operator AS \"Augstsprieguma tikls\" and is responsible for system operation and markets. Previously, Mr Junghans had held different positions in electricity production, retail and distribution grid companies in the Baltic region. Mr Junghans holds PhD in power engineering and MBA degree. 
  • Senior Manager | Ofgem
    Marcelo is Senior Manager in the Wholesale Markets & Commercial directorate of the British energy regulator, Ofgem. He has been heavily involved in the development and implementation of the European Network Codes on cross-border electricity trade. His experience and focus are on market structures that enable fair valuation of flexibility in the energy system. Before joining Ofgem, Marcelo worked as Regulatory Affairs Advisor with Smart Energy Europe (SmartEn) in Brussels, where he was responsible for policy-oriented representation on behalf of demand-side response market actors. He has led research and policy projects on market design that enables demand-side response participation, on the role of demand-side flexibility at the DSO level, as well as on arrangements between independent aggregators and suppliers. Marcelo holds an MSc in Environmental Economics from the University of Edinburgh.
  • Senior Adviser Market and Regulation | Austrian Power Grid AG
    Prof.Mag.Manfred Pils Born 15.10.1954 in Vienna. Manfred Pils is Senior Advisor for Market Management, Regulation and European Policy Coordination within the Austrian Transmission System Operator company Austrian Power Grid (APG). Since 2003 he is actively involved in the implementation of coordinated regional markets like the South-East European region (SEE), the Central-East European region (CEE), the Central-West region (CWE) and the Central-South-European region (CSE) and in the implementation of cross-border balancing markets. Between 2012 and 2016 he was Director for Market Management and Regulation in APG. Manfred Pils was between 2009 and 2015 Head of the Supervisory Board of CAO, the CEE Capacity Auction Office and then responsible for the merging process of the two auctions offices CAO and CASC to the Joint Allocation Office (JAO) in Luxemburg. Manfred Pils was acting as head of the Supervisory Board of the Joint Allocation Office (JAO) from 20015 to 2016 and is now Member of the SB of JAO. . Manfred Pils is member of the ENTSO-E Market Committee and member of different ENTSO-E ad-hoc groups concerning the coordination of regional development issues in the electricity market. Manfred Pils studied Informatics and Social Sciences at the University of Vienna (graduated in 1981). In 2016 he has been awarded the title “Professor” by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education
  • Regulatory Policy Manager- Interconnector | National Grid
    Mark Duffield Biography – September 2017 Mark is Regulation Policy Manager at National Grid Interconnectors, primarily focussed on the Interconnexion France-Angleterre (IFA) interconnector, but increasingly across National Grid’s portfolio of new interconnectors to France, Belgium and Norway. He has 19 years’ previous experience working for the UK government and the wider National Grid Group companies, with those roles being focussed on the regulatory arrangements and the commercial operation of the transmission system in Great Britain.
  • Executive Vice President for Electricity System Operator Division | Svenska kraftnät 
    Dr. Niclas Damsgaard is Senior Vice President for Market and System Development at Svenska kraftnät (the Swedish TSO).

He has previously close to 15 years of experience from consultancy, most recently as director and head of Energy Markets and Strategies at Sweco. He holds a PhD in economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and is specialized in deregulation and regulation of markets with a focus on the electricity market.
  • 50Hertz
    Nils Engelke studied information & telecommunication engineering and business administration at the Technical University in Berlin between 2000 and 2006. From 2006 to 2012 he worked as a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group in Madrid and Berlin focusing on corporate development and the energy sector. 2012 he joined 50Hertz Transmission GmbH as head of the corporate development department and since October 2017 he is heading the department “Energy Economics”.
  • European Commission
    Oliver Koch is Deputy Head of Unit in the Internal Market Unit of the Commission\\\'s Energy Directorate-General. His team is responsible for the creation of the regulatory framework for an integrated EU electricity and gas market. His Unit is notably co-ordinating the so-called \\\"Market Design Initiative\\\", i.e. the legislative proposal for a comprehensive review and update of the current internal market legislation on electricity. He also coordinates the legal work of the Unit, notably concerning the enforcement of EU rules vis-à-vis Member States, as well as the teams dealing with external aspects of the internal energy market (e.g. negotiations with Switzerland, Norway, the Energy Community or Russia). In 2015 he has led the team setting up a new security of supply Unit within DG Energy. Before joining DG Energy, he worked in DG Competition in the field of energy antitrust (2007 – 2012) and merger control (2003 – 2007), where he has dealt with antitrust and merger cases in the field of energy and other sectors and was involved in several policy projects concerning energy and competition law. Prior to joining the Commission, he worked as a lawyer in private practice (White & Case, Hamburg/Brussels, Freshfields/Düsseldorf) and as an assistant lecturer (University of Göttingen). He publishes regularly on energy and competition policy.
  • Director Central European Markets | Nord Pool AS
    Pietro is the Director for Central European Markets and responsible for expanding Nord Pool’s business across Europe and creating greater value for its customers. The Central European markets currently cover seven countries—Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland. Nord Pool has been present in Germany since 2006, in the Intraday market and other services around the trading. It is now planning to offer the rest of the spot power market offering in all the Central European markets. Pietro has a professional background in international business, and the public and academic sectors, particularly relevant to the energy and power trading environment and to his role at Nord Pool. He has studied management engineering and economics at Politecnico di Milano in Italy and at Ecole Polytechnique in France and pursued postgraduate business and government studies at Harvard University in the USA. Pietro has lived in 7 countries so far. You may address him in Norwegian in the longer run, but for now it is easier to choose among English, German, French, Italian or Greek (you can try some Spanish and Russian, too). Joined Nord Pool: 2016
  • Strategy and Communications Manager | ENTSO-E
    German Abteilungsleiterin Verteilnetze, zuvor Energiepolitik und Stromerzeugung im Europaeischen Stromdachverband EURELECTRIC, seit 2010. Zuvor Forschungsdirektorin Energiepolitik am franzoesischen Institut Francais des Relations Internationales. Promovierte und habilitierte Politikwissenschaftlerin, Slawistin, Romanistin in Bonn, Koeln, Paris, Moskau und qualifiziert in European Economics an der London School of Economics ist Susanne Nies Expertin fuer Energiewirtschaft und Energiepolitik, sowie Osteuropa und internationale Beziehungen. Sie hat zu diesen Themen umfangreich publiziert, gelehrt, und im In- und Ausland gewirkt. English Is heading, since March 1st 2015 the Strategy and Communications Section of the European Association of Transmission Network Operators, ENTSO-E. Until then she was Head of Unit Distribution System Operators with EURELECTRIC, the European electricity sector association based in Brussels, since June 2014. Before and from 2010 she was heading the Energy Policy and Power Generation Department for the same association. German national by origin she holds a PhD from Bonn University and a Habilitation from Berlin Free University, as well as Sciences Po Paris, in Political Sciences, in International Relations, as well as an economics degree from London School of Economics. Previously she was heading the French Institute for International Relations Brussels branch and was affiliated as a senior researcher to the energy programme of the Institute; was working with CERI and IRIS, Free University Berlin, CIFE Nice and Heinrich Boell Foundation. She has a long track of academic publication on energy, international relations and Eastern Europe, affiliation to research and lecturing, as well as consulting. She speaks fluently German, English, French and Russian.
  • Deputy Director of the Electricity Department | E-Control- the Austrian Energy Regulatory Authority
    Sven Kaiser is Deputy Director of the Electricity Department of the Austrian Energy Regulatory Authority E-Control and worked there as a Senior Expert for more than ten years. In his position he is responsible for European related tasks such as Framework Guideline & Network Code development and implementation, regional market integration and cross border trade, market design and TSO supervision. He represents E-Control in several working groups on European and Regional level. His background is mechanical engineer and economics with the focus on energy and he started his career at a consulting company for large and medium energy consumers. Following that Sven Kaiser was working for a big German energy company for more than three years and involved in sales and trading activities at the beginning of the European liberalization process.
  • Senior Economist |
    Ulrik is an expert in applied microeconomics, power system economics and power markets in particular, with in-depth power system knowledge, gained from 15 years in the business. Along his current position as senior economist in the market department of the Danish transmission system operator for electricity, Energinet, he has devoted himself to training in energy markets and power system economics for the past 4 years. Before joining Energinet in 2012, he spend 5 years as a consultant in the consultancy Copenhagen Economics, providing expert advice and support based on his economic expertise to clients within the energy sector, ranging from energy utilities to the European Commission. As a consultant Ulrik developed unique communication and presentation skills, which in particular have been put in to work at university and in training of energy sector staff. His track record in electricity sector spans a broad scope of power system management issues. He has particular interest in: ¥ Market based congestion management and market integration of regional whole sale power markets. He heads a Nordic project group with the responsibility of delivering a proposal for flow based market coupling (variant of nodal pricing/locational marginal pricing) to the Nordic energy regulators in 2017. ¥ Grid tariff design with special focus on economic efficient incentives to users of the electricity grid. He is key expert in a team currently considering a new cost efficient design for using of the transmission electricity grid in Denmark ¥ Wheeling design – or inter TSO compensation, as it is called in Europe. As a consultant he supported the corporation of European TSO’s (ENTSOe) in designing a new efficient compensation methodology in order for TSO’s to receive compensation for costs incurred as a result of hosting transit flows of electricity on their network. ¥ Market based integration of electricity from intermittent renewable sources. In particular design of power markets and support schemes (or PPA’s) for renewable energy to be in line with the dynamics of the power system. He has experience with efficient integration of intermittent electricity from of renewable energy sources (RES-e) in the Danish power system, characterised by very high shares of intermittent RES-e He develops and delivers training in different topics within power system economics and power market, predominantly tailored tuition for clients as transmissions system operators, energy regulators, energy consultancies and universities.
  • Congestion management and market design | CEER
    Alian is working at CREG – the Belgian Energy regulator - for 18 years, in charge of congestion management and market design issues, supporting amongst other projects the implementation of the FB market coupling in the CWE region. Recently, he was working on scarcity pricing and on the functioning – performance - of the FB mechanism in the CWE region.   He is currently co-sharing the Future Policy Task Force of CEER & ACER, in charge of the evolution of market design. In the past, he was leading the development of CACM Framework Guideline, leading to the CACM Network Code.   He was recently involved in the discussions related to the Clean Energy Package on congestion management for CEER/ACER.
  • Implementation of European Energy Markets / Ancillary Services and Energy Market | Amprion
    Dr.-Ing. Ulf Kasper was born in Linnich in 1981. After studying Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at RWTH Aachen University, he joined the research group Power Generation and Energy Trading at the Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics (IAEW) in 2008. In 2011, Mr. Kasper headed the research group and later became the institute’s chief engineer. In his PhD thesis, he developed models supporting trading decisions on markets for scheduled energy and reserve. Leaving IAEW at the beginning of 2014, Mr. Kasper worked at TransnetBW GmbH as Expert Control Reserve. Since July 2015, he is responsible for the Implementation of European Energy Markets (balancing and scheduled energy) at Amprion, GmbH. Mr. Kasper is member of the Steering Committees of the CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling (CWE FB MC), the Cross-Border Intraday project (XBID), the Manually Activated Reserves Initiative (MARI) and the Platform for the International Coordination of the automatic Frequency Restoration Process and Stable System Operation (PICASSO).
  • Market Design and Regulatory Affairs | RWE
  • Director of European & Public Affairs | OMIE
    Rafael González is Industrial Engineer and holds a Ph.D. by the Politécnica University of Madrid (UPM). He is lecturer and researcher in the Energy Engineering Department of the UPM and other Spanish universities and he worked as a consultant in the field of energy at international level. 
With more than 15 years of experience on energy regulation, among other positions, he was Adviser on Gas and Electricity in CEER, Director for European Affairs at the Spanish National Energy Commission and Joint Coordinator of the Electricity and Gas Regional Initiatives in ACER. In February 2012, he joined OMIE as Director of the Chairman & CEO’s Office.
  • Senior Consultant | Unicorn Systems
    Lenka Proňková as a business architect and consultant is responsible for analysis and design of optimal and innovative IT solutions for our customers and she has accumulated an extensive experience in this field. Notably she has focused on energy business sector and design of custom solutions for cross-border trading. She was participating in all the projects of electricity trading system implementations for a number of  transmission system operators in Europe. Lenka Proňková has an extensive experience in working with customers and  very good analytical skills including expert knowledge of business modelling, use-case and data modelling. In addition, she has very good knowledge of web technologies, internet-based processes and software development tools as well as practical experience in this area.
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