World summit on industrial automation

World summit on industrial automation

Munich, Germany
September 12th–13th, 2019

September 12th–13th, 2019


Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

•     Regulators’ perspectives on industrial robotics
•     Recent innovations in robotics for manufacturing
•     Towards the deployment of SME robots
•     The vision for electronics manufacturing
•     Safety standards for industrial robots
•     Exploring embodiment concepts in robotics
•     Impacts of AI and Machine learning on Robots’ capabilities
•     Practical implications of robots in supply chain management
•     RPA process for Easy integration with existing legacy systems
•     Increase scalability and flexibility for resource redirection
•     Receive more output in lesser time with higher accuracy

Why Attend?

In 2019, the World Summit on Industrial Automation will be the first time held in Munich, Germany- one of the most developing countries in robotics.

Representatives from Asia, EU, and America will participate in a ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION about robotic development in their own regions and have the opportunities to present and debate on the latest issue and trends that are changing the industry.

INNOVATIVE CORNER introduces and showcases unconventional projects that are expected to play a big role in the robotic segment growth.

Professionals and leaders will join an open conversation about recent advances in robotics, discuss and suggest a supportive regulatory framework to encourage robotics development and deployment with regulators, discover machine learning and AI implications in robotics as well as explore the new roles of robots in productions and supply management.

Who Should Attend:

CEOs, CIOs, VPs, CTOs, Directors, Department Heads, Technical Analysts, Research Engineers, Specialists, Government officers specializing in:

•     Software, Middleware and Programming
•     Simulation and Animation
•     AI-Based Methods
•     Big Data in Robotics and Automation
•     Failure Detection and Recovery
•     Learning from Demonstration
•     Model Learning for Control
•     Prosthetics and Exoskeletons
•     Additive Manufacturing
•     Robotic Applications
•     Computer Vision for Automation
•     Deep Learning in Robotics and Automation
•     Flexible Robots
•     Cognitive Human-Robot Interaction
•     Assembly
•     Manufacturing, Maintenance and Supply Chains
•     Task Planning
•     Medical Robots and Systems
•     Compliance and Impedance Control
•     Distributed Robot Systems
•     Learning and Adaptive Systems
•     Physical Human-Robot Interaction
•     Control Architectures and Programming
•     Cooperating Robots
•     Agricultural Automation
•     Computational Geometry
•     Computer Vision for Manufacturing
•     Ethics and Philosophy
•     Inventory management
•     Logistics
•     Planning, Scheduling and Coordination
•     Semiconductor Manufacturing
•     Wheeled Robots
•     Robot Safety
•     Sensor-based Control
•     Human-Centered Automation
•     Human-Centered Robotics
•     Industrial Robots
•     Sustainable Production and Service Automation
•     Compliant Assembly
•     Factory Automation
•     Intelligent and Flexible Manufacturing
•     Optimization and Optimal Control
•     Product Design, Development and Prototyping

Target Audience:

•     Software and Hardware Developers
•     Global 2000 Businesses
•     OEMs and Manufacturers
•     Producers of Robotics and Intelligent Solutions
•     Researchers and Academics Media Representatives
•     Technology/Business Analysts
•     Investment Professionals


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Event Schedule
Event Speakers
Day 1 :
08:20 Registration and Welcome Coffee
08:50 Opening Address from the Chairperson
09:00 Regional Roundtable | Recent advances in industrial robotics
09:40 Keynote presentation | Collaborative robots safety: Design and Deployment
10:20 Case Study | Revise safety standards for industrial robots
11:00 Morning Coffee and Networking Break
11:30 Panel Discussion | What should be done to encourage robotics adoption?
12:10 Business Lunch
13:10 Case Study | Cognitive robotics and the ROSIN project
13:50 Case Study | Mobile Robotics
14:30 Case Study | Coexistence of Humans and Robots in the future
15:10 Case Study | IoT and Smart Factory
15:50 Afternoon Coffee and Networking Break
16:20 Case Study | Real-Time Locating – Feeding the Digital Twin with Real-World Awareness
16:50 Case Study | HORSE: A cyber-physical system for robotic automation in manufacturing industries
17:10 Case Study | See container terminal automation from various angles
17:50 Panel Discussion | Human’s role in “the factory of future”
18:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and End of Day One
DAY 2 :
  • Global Product Manager – Collaborative Robots / ABB
  • Project Manager / ABB
  • Coordinator / TUDelft
  • Head- Intelligent India | Syngenta
    Mr. Abhishek Sharma has 15 years of diverse experience in technology and business encompassing RPA, Automation, Portfolio & Project management, Transition & Transformation. He leads Intelligent Automation strategy; advises business on Automation and delivers state-of-the-art Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Cognitive, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions for all lines of business and functions, driving transformation and delivery of multi-million dollar cost and productivity savings.
  • Head of Product Management / Siemens
  • Senior Research Executive / European Dynamics
  • Director / Cargotec Corporation
  • Chairman ISO/ IEC JTC 1/SC 25 Business Development Manager / HARTING Electronics Gmb
  • Director Business Innovation, Center of Digital Excellence / Sandvik Applied Manufacturing Technologies
  • RPA Technical Lead / Intrum
  • Head of Robotics Operation Center / Deloitte
  • Digital Business Automation & Industrial SaaS Technical Leader / IBM
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